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At Feast we believe in real food and real connections. We know the people that lovingly produce the vegetables and proteins that are the foundation for our menu.


Our culinary team believes in food that is simply delicious and unpretentious. We are social beings, interested in easy conversation, restorative laughter and a genuine welcome. Come join us around the neighbourhood table.

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As an Owner, Geoffroy, brings a wealth of experience cultivated under marquee chefs in acclaimed kitchens and dining rooms in both Paris and Vancouver.

After his apprenticeships and education at the prestigious École Grégoire-Ferrandi in Paris, Geoffroy went on to work as a sous chef and pastry chef in kitchens across the City of Lights before transitioning to front-of-house teams as server, bartender, manager and director serving under some of the world’s best chefs, including Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse and Jean-Paul Bucher.

Geoffroy left his homeland for Canada in 2010 and quickly found work with Chef Marc Thuet, working as a manager on the second season of the City TV reality series Conviction Kitchen in Vancouver before accepting a management role for the Glowbal Restaurant Group. He recently opened Vancouver’s Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar as Assistant Director alongside Chef Alex Chen.

Geoffroy has branched out into consulting within the hospitality industry, drawing on a wealth of knowledge gained at more than 20 restaurants globally to help improve and expand operations. In his career, Geoffroy strives for customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, increased sales and excellence. Geoffroy is sought out for his experience, creativity, and his ability to lead. His passion for food and wine knowledge is both innate and undeniable.



Raised by entrepreneurs and working alongside her parents from a young age, Kaitlind developed an enthusiasm for the hospitality industry.


After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BA in International Relations, she explored career paths but her passion for people and service gravitated her back to bartending eventually leading to management. 


Prior to joining Feast, Kaitlind managed several Moxie's locations, including Stadium District and the opening of the Kelowna branch and recently held the position of General Manager at the Richmond Test Kitchen.


With a natural sense of leadership, Kaitlind has dedicated her career to creating dynamic and enjoyable team environments that cultivate memorable culinary experiences.


She brings her enthusiasm and expertise to Feast The Neighborhood Table and to all our guests!

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